Social Endpoints


This API is in beta quality - backward compatibility is not guaranteed in future versions and you may come across bugs.

Provider Auth

Using these endpoints you can authenticate with external tools.

The workflow should look like this:

  1. Access the endpoint providing a redirect_uri that would perform the POST action later.
  2. The request would return a JSON containing one key authorization_url. Redirect the user to that URL.
  3. When the user authenticates with the external tool, that tool would redirect them to the redirect_uri you provided with a GET querystring containing two arguments: code and state
  4. From the view that your user got redirected to, issue a POST request to the endpoint with the code and state arguments. You should use application/x-www-form-urlencoded not JSON. The user should be now authenticated in your application.

The list of providers is available at social backend docs. please follow the instructions provided there to configure your backend.


urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^auth/', include('')),

Default URL: /o/{{ provider }}/


  • redirect_uri is provided via GET parameters - not JSON
  • state parameter isn’t always required e.g. in case of OpenID backends
Method Request Response
  • redirect_uri


  • authorization_url


  • code
  • state


  • token


  • non_field_errors